Brits rush to visit Cuba

Brits Rush to Visit Cuba in Record Numbers :  over a third of Brits (37 percent) are more interested in travel to Cuba now than they were two years ago, according to new research. 

Virgin Holidays found that the appetite for Cuba has grown in the UK, and it has launched a new weekly direct flight from London Gatwick Airport to Varadero in response. The service has the capacity to bring 28,000 new holidaymakers to the Cuban beach resort. Currently, almost half of existing holiday makers in Cuba land in Havana and make the two-hour journey via road to Varadero for its stunning beaches and resort style accommodation. 

The new route will allow customers to travel to either Cuban destination and Virgin Holidays expects a significant increase in the number of customers who arrive and depart from different airports. David Geer, managing director of Virgin Holidays, commented: “We’re thrilled to make holidays to Cuba even more enjoyable with a new route direct to the beautiful beaches of Varadero. “We are seeing strong growth to Cuba and the island is currently experiencing a surge in recognition as a “hotlist” destination. “As an increasingly popular holiday hot spot, we look forward to welcoming British travellers to enjoy the beautiful island hotels and unique cultural experiences.” 
The launch of the new route makes Virgin Atlantic the only UK airline to provide year-round service to both Varadero and Havana. Tourism has soared on the island in recent years – particularly since relations between Cuba and the U.S. started to thaw in 2014. 

However, despite increased enthusiasm, Brits have a lot to learn about Cuban culture according to Virgin’s research. A quarter of those surveyed wrongly believed the official language to be Portuguese, rather than Spanish. And just 4 percent could cite the Cuban national sport – rather unusually, it’s dominos. Since 2014, when the old travel restrictions between Cuba and the US became more flexible, American visitors have flocked to the island in increasingly large numbers. In 2016, a record four million tourists visited Cuba – a 13 percent increase on the previous year. In 2017, the Cuban Ministry of Tourism predicts an increase of a further 100,000 visitors. Of those who visited the island last year, 614,433 were American according to Josefina Vidal, Cuba’s chief negotiator in talks with the United States. This is an increase of 34 percent from the previous year. Source: Express (UK) Read more at:
.Source: UK agencies.

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