Traveling to #Cuba Gets Cheaper

Traveling to Cuba Gets Cheaper Ever since 17th December, 2014, the détente between Cuba and the U.S. had commenced. 

This had triggered the travel-related prices to shoot up with about 100 to 400% price rises. These jumps in the prices were on account of the arrival of American travellers visiting the once-forbidden island nation. However, for the very first time, the travel costs that are controlled by the government-run agencies of Cuba and also the hoteliers have decreased for the summer, spring and fall of the year 2017. Tom Popper who is the president of the U.S. to Cuba travel operator Insight Cuba feels that this is actually the first time that the travel costs are reducing instead of rising in the last three years. However, it is a matter of concern as to how long the prices would remain in the same level. At any point of time, the market might be forced to undergo a correction. 

This implies that Cuba is currently quite a cheap region where tourists can easily travel. The mad scramble of American tourists to rush to Cuba following the 2014 détente of Obama had driven the shooting up of the travel prices. Thereafter, commercial flights directly from the U.S. to Cuba were offered by airlines including Jet Blue and the Delta that made travel plans simple enough for the Americans. Now, the combined factor of the commercial flights, détente and the 12 categories of travel made the prices ascend rapidly. Summer was the peak season for travelling. But then, since the most legal travel can be booked through a third-party operator, a majority of the Americans would not be able to see the savings. 

Popper says that tourists would now be capable of saving up to $250 per person on trips that are booked for spring or summer of 2017. Popper claims that while Cuba is looking forward to a decrease in the travel-related costs for this year, he is encouraging travelers to leverage the lower price index as he feels that Cuba is one of the best choice for tourists as there are zero safety concerns and is really accessible.

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