#Taiwan and #Hong Kong Continue to Jointly Promote #Asia Multi-Destination Travel in North American Markets

Taiwan and Hong Kong's first collaboration to jointly promote multi-destination travel to Asia last year achieved remarkable results. The tourism boards of both destinations, namely the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) and the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), will continue the partnership this year, targeting North American markets with the aim of attracting more leisure travel arrivals to Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Corporate InformationThe US is one of the most important long-haul visitor source markets for both Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2016, both destinations enjoyed steady growth in the number of US arrivals. The TTB and the HKTB have been working closely together to promote the unique tourism appeal of the two destinations to enrich visitors' trips to Asia by visiting both places.
In terms of destination appeal, Taiwan and Hong Kong have unique experiences to offer. Taiwan is famous for its beautiful greenery, lifestyle of health and sustainability, superb local food and culture. Hong Kong, meanwhile, as Asia's World City, enchants many visitors with its cosmopolitan lifestyle, unique local culture and diverse tourism appeal. The setting, lifestyle and food culture of Taiwan and Hong Kong are complementary to each other and fascinate many visitors. A single trip covering two destinations with multiple appeals will definitely allow US visitors to get the maximum value for their travel dollar.
Mr Eric Lin, Secretary General of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said, "The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is promoting eco-tours this year to encourage tourists to take a closer look at the beautiful nature of our island. Tours such as firefly watching, indigenous tribe visiting, forest trail hiking, butterfly and flower viewing as well as round-island cycling are all popular among local travelers and international visitors alike. With the wide variety of tour options and all kinds of good quality local cuisine here, Taiwan definitely can be combined with Hong Kong into an Asia multi-destination trip."
Mr Bill Flora, HKTB Director – USA said, "The HKTB has been actively promoting the diverse tourism offerings of Hong Kong. We believe our rich local culture and heritage is a strong appeal to the US visitors. Earlier this year, we launched a new innovative program, 'Old Town Central', consolidating unique tourism hotspots in Central and Sheung Wan. To provide visitors with a unique perspective when exploring this area, five themed walking routes have been thoughtfully designed, highlighting the historical architecture and landmarks, arts and culture, dining outlets, and lifestyle boutiques."
There are currently over 250 direct flights a week connecting the US to Taiwan and Hong Kong, and this is expected to increase by 13% in 2017. Taiwan and Hong Kong are conveniently linked by over 60 flights a day and are only around 80 minutes apart by plane. Leveraging these favourable conditions, the TTB and the HKTB will continue to jointly promote multi-destination itineraries featuring the two destinations.
.Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)

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