China's C919 First Jet Built Successfully Completes Maiden Flight

China's C919, the country's first domestically built large passenger jet, successfully completed its maiden flight on Friday afternoon.

The twin-engine plane departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport with five crew members on board but no passengers at around 14:00.

After half an hour, it landed at the same airport, with media waiting and spectators applauding.

Cai Jun, captain of the C919 maiden flight, was the first to disembark from the aircraft and waved to onlookers at the flight ceremony. He was then greeted by Wu Guanghui, chief designer of the C919 project before the rest of the flight crew exited the plane.

The flight makes China the fourth jumbo jet producer after the United States, Europe and Russia. It also marks a milestone for the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), the Shanghai-based manufacturer of the C919.

The "C" in the aircraft's name stands for both China and COMAC, while 9 symbolizes "forever" in Chinese culture, and 19 represents the 190 seats at maximum capacity.

With a standard range of 4,075 kilometers, the narrow-body jet is comparable with updated Airbus 320 and Boeing's new generation 737, signaling the country's entry into the global aviation market.

.Source: CCTV+

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