Boutique hotels to appeal to Airbnb travelers

Boutique labels are an effective way to acquire Airbnb users, but consumers often choose based on what they want from the trip. 

“The idea of boutique hotels bridging the gap is an interesting one, and while their existence and rise in popularity can’t be solely attributed to the rise in other lodging options such as Airbnb, it’s certainly a part of it as hotels seek to edge out any competition that can steal market share,” said Adam Rossow, chief marketing officer of iModerate. 

“These boutique properties often seek to provide a more unique, localized experience (much like an Airbnb) but still give travelers the sense of security and trust they crave,” he said. “However, it doesn’t seem as black and white on which consumers will choose – a hotel or an Airbnb. 

“Of course, you have some that are absolute in their choice, but it’s situational for many travelers and their choice revolves around what they want and expect from that particular business trip, vacation, etc.” 

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